GIGS Token

GIGS tokens are used to drive the online GIG economy allowing people to complete tasks on the Reward Portal platform and associated websites earning GIGS tokens which can be exchanged for benefits on the platform or converted to Bitcoin or Ethereum using third party exchanges. 

GIGS token is listed on TXbit exchange



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Portal Stars

By locking up 1000 GIGS tokens site users will be accredited with Portal Star status which unlocks new and higher paying rewards on the site, as well as removing the 10% withdrawal fee allowing people to earn more and withdraw for less.

Token Holder benefits

Reward Portal users can boost their account privileges with GIGS tokens

GIGS Token for campaign owners 

GIGS token is used to facilitate new campaigns on the platform allowing companies to purchase GIGS token in there local currency to fund their campaign which will then be available to Reward seekers all over the world on the platform.

Campaign setup example

GIGS Token roadmap

Contact Us

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How do I list my project on the Reward Portal?

You can get in touch with us via this form

How can I reset my Password?

Your password may be changed via the “My Account” page if you are logged in, or at the login screen if not.

Are we able to view statistics from the reward portals activity?

Yes we will send you a weekly report for number of signups and which rewards have been claimed etc.

How can the Reward Portal Benefit my project or outreach?

The Reward portal can be used to increase outreach and exposure of your tweets, articles, facebook posts/pages etc. It can be used to generate content and articles around your project. The Reward Portal can assist to drive new followers to your social channels & assist community engagement such as competitions and engaged active users

My submission was set to Verified, when will I receive my Cryptocurrency?

Your  rewards will be sent either during the next batch or at the end of the Token Generation Event depending of the project.

What happens if I do not fulfil the bounty requirements?

Should you not fulfill the task requirement the reward will remain in an unverified status.


When are tokens distributed?

This depends on the reward program. Some will offer periodic payouts done in batches over the course of the programme, others will be sent out after the programme is concluded. Some Token Generation Events will be sent at completion of the event – this may vary due to unforeseen extensions so you must stay updated via their official communication channels.

What do we charge people claiming rewards on the site?

We do not charge anything for people claiming rewards!

How are the bounties verified

General bounties are verified throughout the duration of the programme. Bounties that require review of an article or a submission will be verified after successful review and then may be published.

Do I have to register on the site to activate bounties?

To activate bounties you will need to provide a name and email address. Your profile page can be updated with your social media names etc for verification by us and your ETH address where toknes should be sent.

Can I get rewarded for referring a friend?

Yes you can! In your “My Account” section, you can find your referral link to share with others. It will look something like this :

How much can I earn for referring a friend?

Initially you will receive 7.5% of the rewards carried out by the person you refer, in the relevant tokens. As you refer more people, you may be selected to have your rates increased to higher levels. Highest ranking and users most active on the channels are also eligible for rate increases. (Keep up the chat in the channels to be noticed!)

  • Level 1 – 7.5%
  • Level 2 – 10%
  • Level 3 – 12.5%
  • Level 4 – 15%

How do I submit articles or documents ?

Articles or other media can be submitted via the link in the email sent to you upon acceptance of the bounty.

My submission was set to Verified, when will I receive my tokens?

Your tokens will be sent either during the next batch or at the end of the Token Generation Event depending on the project.